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Ladies Night at The Range

Shoot Like a Girl

 Ladies Night at the Range

$15 - New shooters with no firearm and no shooting experience. Use our guns at NO Charge just buy our ammo. We also provide targets and shooting instruction from our certified instructor. 

$15 - For the ladies that already shoot and just want to practice or need a little refresher. Or if you just want to hangout and shoot with some like minded women! 

We will have some extra ammunition one sight for sale so you are welcome to shoot more that 50 rounds for our newer ladies and if you have your own firearm and just run a little short we can accommodate!! 

NC Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed Carry Class

 This is a female friendly CCW class. It is a Co-ed event but with a female instructor we provide a less intimidating environment for women to learn about the conceal carry process. Come learn about North Carolina Conceal and Carry laws, CCW holsters, clothing choices, and handgun safety and maintenance.

The course cost $85 if you use your own gun and ammo, if you don't have one of your own it's $100 and we provide the gun and ammo. If you are looking to purchase a gun for conceal and carry purposes please take the class first. We have several you can test fire. Which we highly recommend you do before you buy. 

Give us a call or stop by the store to sign up for our classes.

Private Firearms Training

Female Private Instruction

Are you interested in firearms but haven't had any experience with them? Have you shot before but want to learn how to handle firearms the correct way? Maybe you have been shooting for years but just want to improve your skills. Pro Gun's Firearms Training is second to none and we offer a wide variety of private lessons tailored to your experience. 

Call us to schedule a lesson today 

(910) 512-6021 or email